RTBR is a non-profit organization supported entirely free will donations of labor, material and money. Skilled and unskilled volunteers, along with able-bodied members of the recipient’s family and friends, complete the repairs at NO COST to the homeowner. 

To be eligible for consideration in the program, you must:

  1. Be at least 50 years old or have someone living in the household who is currently receiving Social Security disability;
  2. Own and live in your home;
  3. Have your home insured under a homeowner’s policy; and
  4. Meet low income guidelines per the HUD published guidelines for East Baton Rouge Parish.
  5. Volunteers provide improvements that enhance the safety and comfort of your home. Because it is primarily a short-term project, major structural repairs are not possible. Also, we need you to understand that time constraints may prevent the volunteers from accomplishing everything that you would like to have done in your home.