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We envision safe homes and communities for everyone. To make this a reality, we are repairing homes, revitalizing communities and rebuilding lives.

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          RTBR would like to thank Chris Andrews for TEN YEARS of amazing service as our Executive Driector and wish him well in his retirement years.  Chris grew the affiliate 10 fold in 10 years and helped over 500 low-income households in Baton Rouge along the way.  We are ever grateful for Chris's steady leadership, direction and love of the community.


Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge announces Bret Pinson as the new Executive Director



        Bret Pinson grew up in Louisiana, lived around the country, working for major US corporations before returning home to Louisiana in 2001 when he began his consulting career. Currently, he is the President and Consultant for Pinson and Associates, a leadership, strategy, and talent recruitment consultancy. Throughout his career, he has worked with many of the largest nonprofits in our state, recruiting nonprofit leaders, facilitating strategic plans, and helping them grow.  During his time, he came to understand and appreciate the fulfillment he experienced when working with organizations whose primary mission went beyond profits and including impacting lives, particularly lives of the disadvantaged and impoverished; the primary focus of Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge.

Over the years, Mr. Pinson has volunteered his leadership expertise and time to many nonprofits and mission based groups including the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, the United Way, Habitat for Humanity, Volunteers of America, and many others. Besides working to make our state and community better, he has and continues to serve several international development organizations on life-changing projects in Africa and Haiti; having served many years as President of the Board of Directors for Respire Haiti, a faith-based mission organization which provides basic needs, such as food, housing, education, and medical care to thousands of Haitians.

Mr. Pinson, the Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge staff, and the Board of Directors are proud of their past accomplishments and enthusiastic to expand the positive impact they are having in our community and in our neighborhoods.



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